The Goalsquare method consists of a curriculum for modern and conceptual Goalkeeper Training.

Each element contains specific practices for every age and level of performance. So, every goalkeeper can be specifically encouraged and further developed. The difficulty level can be adjusted according to the level of performance of the goalkeeper.

A large part of our training method is dedicated to the goalkeeper-specific training but also to football-specific skills for the goalkeeper. The curriculum consists of 5 elements that build on each other, but also can intermesh.
Game Play
Movements in the game,
Crosses and Corners, Game Openining
Attacking the Ball, Reaction & Reflex,
Fast Feet, Body Tension
Mobility, Positioning
Basic Position, Receiving, Coordination,
Catching, Movement to the Ball,
Movement with the Ball
Basic Technique
Keeper vs. Keeper,
Keeper vs. Team, Cooling Down
Game Opening, Anticipation
Ball Protection
Catching the Ball, Falling, Shot Stopping