The key advantages of our software are:

- it is a lifetime license that will never end, no monthly or annual fee will be required;
- it is the only specific and complete solution for GK coaches;
- it can be used in 9 (and more upcoming) languages, selectable at any time;
- it can also be used by football (soccer) and other coaches, due to it's open structure;
- it is very easy to use, so that coaches of all ages and levels can work with it;
- it is supported by a professional support team, reachable at almost any time;
- it will further continuously be developed, also taking care of user suggestions;
- it will be updated for FREE in a regular way!

The „Goalsquare Session Planner“ is available on a personalized USB key including worldwide free shipping!

The user license is for lifetime. You do not have to pay any annual fee for use. The software is suitable for Windows PC. There is no Mac version.
The Goalsquare® Session Planner is an easy-to-use software for goalkeeper coaches on whatever level.

This software allows you to easily plan your training sessions within a few minutes. Simply search & select from the large archive of practices or create your own practices or include your already existing practices.

The Goalsquare Session Planner "PRO" allows coaches a professional management of their goalkeepers and training practices, as well as a complete planning of their training sessions.

Professional features like the drawing module to create and draw own exercises, ready to easy implement in the session planning, the management of training presences and statistics and many more easy to use functions make our software an indispensable tool for every coach. And this not only for goalkeeper coaches, but also for football (soccer) coaches and others.