Goalsquare Session Planner Software
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299,00 €
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PRO version
All the features & functions from BASIC version are also
available in the PRO version.

Additional features in the PRO version:

• Manage presences/abscences in you goalkeeping sessions;
• Statistics and reports of all training attendences;
• Performance analysis for each keeper and training session
  (freely define 9 different performance topics);
• Report of all keepers, resp. of groups of keepers;
• Report of all training sessions of a group and season;
• 5 different waitlists available;
• Assign groups to your keepers;
• Additional forms and sheets in the forms center;
• Import text of own practices from Word documents;
• Goalsquare DRAW - module that allows drawing of your own
• Goalsquare CUT - cutting exercises from any document;
• Goalsquare SideBar - Access many (new) functions directly
  in the main menu;
• Personalize your Session Planner (own background
  images and alternative menu icons, include your club- or
  academy logo on all reports & session sheets and more);
• Show your club- or academy logo in the sidebar;
• Coaches database & individual login / environment;
• Games database & analysis;
• Tactical board function;
• 2 different training session plan layouts selectable;
• „Cut“-function on drawings and in session planning;
• Games database and analysis / statistics;
• Many more features and additional functions.