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Goalsquare Session Planner Software BASIC
Planning your training sessions never has been easier!
Goalsquare Session Planner Software PRO
Plan your training sessions, manage and evaluate your keepers performance, draw & include your drills...
The Goalsquare® Session Planner is an easy-to-use software for goalkeeper coaches on whatever level.

This software allows you to easily plan your training sessions within a few minutes. Simply search & select
from the large archive of practices or create your own practices or include your already existing practices.

The „Goalsquare Session Planner“ is available online for download installation.

You can choose to get a sealed package containing your download link and the activation key by postal mail (please add shipping cost) or an e-mail with your registration information (no shipping cost).

To install, follow the steps to install your copy:

1. Order your software package including the download link and your license code;
2. Download and extract the installation files to a folder on your hard disk;
3. Run the setup.exe in the extract folder and follow the instructions;
4. Run the Session Planner program and fill in the registration form to send it to our online server;
5. Enjoy your „Goalsquare Session Planner“!

2 versions are available: