The Goalsquare Drills Pack # 1

Extend your practice archive in the Session Planner to a total of over 430 goalkeeping training exercises with the "Drills Pack # 1".

Drills Pack # 1 can be installed in both the BASIC and PRO versions.

The Drills Pack # 1 includes the following number of new exercises in each exercise category:

     Warm-up / stretching: 16 exercises
     Basic technique: 30 exercises
     Footwork / Agility / Positional Game: 77 exercises
     Ball Protection: 7 exercises
     Positioning / Game Opening / Anticipation: 29 exercises
     Game forms: 10 exercises

To install the Drills Pack # 1, you will receive another activation code, which automatically downloads and installs the new exercises at the next program startup.

More Drills Packs will follow to keep your Goalsquare® practice archive up-to-date and varied.